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Guilong Gold Northeast Wild Black Fungus 20 Small Boxes Compressed Daxinganling Guifeng Autumn Thick Meat 400g

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Item specifics

China Mainland
Heilongjiang Province
Commodity barcode:
Edible agricultural products
Selling method:
Single product
Package period:
1 month
Distribution frequency:
Twice a week
Special products:
Daxinganling fungus
net weight:


The wholesale price of 45 yuan per box (from 2 boxes, shipping in remote areas), you can take a photo directly, thank you for your support!

 This is a thick black single piece of autumn fungus. The thick meat is suitable for cold dressing. It is slightly better than the five-star tiger head. In addition, there are pure cat ears or small bowl ears. For details, please click "Pure cat ears"There are other brands of black fungus, there is always one suitable for you!


Sealed packaging without opening! There is an anti-counterfeit code to support phone and SMS verification! new goods!

That day18:00MinutePrevious order(Except holidays) same day delivery, Dear friends, if you are in a hurry for urgently needed orders, please take them as soon as possible, thank you for your support! !





Wild black fungus in Northeast Heilongjiang! Heilongjiang sells a box of 75 yuan per box, 30 boxes per box!Produced by Heilongjiang Guifeng, a specialty of Heilongjiang! Because we have been selling online and physical stores, and the production dates are constantly being updated, there are pictures and certificates of our physical stores below.




There are 20 small boxes in a large box, which is very convenient for eating and storing. Each time 1~2 packets are soaked in water, because it is compressed. The shelf life is two years! It can be eaten slowly.







This product everyone calls it "guilong black fungus" is a green food!

(There is also an anti-counterfeiting label on the package! The authenticity can be checked by phone or text message on the top! The anti-counterfeiting picture below)




Compressed type takes one as fifteen

Each box has a manufacturer’s code anti-counterfeit label for phone SMS query, and there is a watermark on the package

【product name】Guilong Brand Northeast Wild Black Fungus (Single Product Selection)-Specialty of Daxinganling

【Packing specifications】20g&lusmn;0.5×20 small box

[Eating method] Remove the packaging and put it in a container, add a proper amount of warm water, soak it loosely and recover.

【Shelf Life】Two years

[Product introduction] Black fungus selected from Heilongjiang forest area is used as raw material. After screening, impurity removal, high temperature sterilization, molding and other physicalCompressed and processed.



[Performance characteristics] It has the characteristics of maintaining nutrients, no impurities, no fakes, no additives, no pollution, long-term storage and no deterioration, small size, and quick recovery of foam. This product is an ideal edible product in the textile, chemical and mining industries. It is a good product for hotels, restaurants, family cooking and gifts to relatives and friends.

[Nutrition Value] This product has high nutritional value, containing essential amino acids and multiple vitamins. Of which vitaminsB2 is 3-5 times that of meat, 10 times that of ordinary rice, noodles, and vegetables. The iron content is 100 times that of meat, and the calcium content is 30 times that of meat.-70 times, the ash mineral content is 4-7 times that of ordinary rice, noodles and vegetables, and it also contains protein and phosphorus needed by the human body.




Nutritional ingredients of black fungus:

Content per 100g of dry product:
Water Servings (grams): 10.9
Egg White Mass (g): 10.6
Fat Fat (grams): 0.2
Carbohydrate (g): 65.5
Heat Amount (g): 306
Rough fiber dimension (grams): 7.0
Grey copies (grams): 5.8
Calcium (grams): 357
Phosphorus (gram): 201
Iron (gram): 185
Hu Luo Pu Su (g): 0.08
Sulfur and Ammonia (g): 0.15


The online shop sells more than one hundred pieces a month, guaranteed, recent products, and constant praise





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Because everyone’s tastes are different, we only guarantee that what we provide is genuine dried seafood, and we cannot guarantee that it will suit everyone’s taste. Thank you for your understanding and support! Due to the large wholesale volume, product packaging changes with the manufacturer from time to time.




Receipt note:
1. When signing for receipt, pay attention to check whether the packaging is damaged or the tape is cut.
Please check the goods first, and then sign for it!Or submit the receipt to the courier after inspection. If damage or shortage is found during the inspection process, please refuse to sign for receipt and ask the courier company to issue a certificate. If there is no objection when signing for receipt, it shall be deemed as the acceptance of the goodsQualified, if the goods are not inspected and signed, the goods are damaged or lost, and there is no certificate from the carrier, our right to claim from the third-party logistics company is also deprived by our relatives. At this time, we are unable to provide any help! To provide a pleasant shopping ringCircumstances, please be sure to inspect the goods before signing for receipt! Thank you for your cooperation!



We are a physical store, and the products are sold every day. The freshness and quality are better than those of purchasing agents and non-industry storage warehouses! There are photos of our physical store and qualification map under the baby.




(Physical Store Business License)


Packed in five-layer thick carton:

The five-layer thickened extra-hard carton is very strong!









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