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Xiaohongshu with the same birthday decoration funny glasses creative birthday photo props girlfriends birthday party dress up

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$2.23 / piece
Color Classification
  • Cherry glasses (slightly falling powder)
  • White ice cream glasses
  • Pink ice cream glasses
  • Balloon glasses
  • Pink birthday candles
  • Blue birthday candle
  • Red birthday candles
  • New red balloon
  • Yellow balloon
  • Black Minnie
  • Cake glasses (slightly falling powder)
  • A set of 11 hats
  • Love ice cream (slightly falling powder)
  • Yellow rabbit
  • American Standard Glasses
  • Pink sun flower
  • White sun flower
  • Pink glitter (slightly falling off)
  • Color ice cream (slightly falling powder)
  • Rainbow glasses (slight color blooming)
  • Golden poop
  • Doll head
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Item specifics

Color Classification:
Cherry glasses (slightly falling powder) white ice cream glasses powder ice cream glasses balloon glasses powder birthday candles blue birthday candles red birthday candles new red balloon models yellow balloon models black Minnie cake glasses (slightly falling powder) Hat set of 11 love ice cream (slightly Powder loss) Yellow rabbit American standard glasses pink sun flower white sun flower pink glitter (slightly falling powder) colored ice cream (slightly falling powder) rainbow glasses (slight color blooming) golden poop doll head

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